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Are you tolerating a sexless marriage? Sex is a normal, natural part of every marriage and as such, persistent, on-going differences in levels of sexual desire between spouses is frequently an indicator of bigger issues. Sometimes, the lack of sexual desire has a gradual onset and in others, it’s present from the very beginning. Either […]

Oct 24, 2016 · Luckily, there are steps you can take to change that. In a new animated video from The college of Life, acclaimed philosopher Alain de Botton explains how therapy helped one couple fix their strained, sexless relationship.It’s a must-watch for couples who feel more like roommates than romantic partners.

The most shameful secret I’ll ever reveal is that for the last 18 months of our marriage, my husband refused to have sex with me. There. I said it. It still hurts to even read those words. Like most women, I was raised to believe that men live and breathe sex. It’s all they think about; all

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Sexless marriage. Losing my libido. Never having an orgasm. Not wanting to make love to the man I loved. At age 28, this was not the life I had imagined. Far from it. Since an early age, I felt that I was very sexual; sex mattered to me. Yet, quickly into a loving and committed relationship, my

You don’t have to live in a sexless marriage. It is surprisingly simple for couples to have a fulfilling sex life if they follow these simple steps

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They say a sexless marriage is not a marriage at all, and I have to Agree! But I’m the type of guy who just doesn’t care what my wife thinks or anyone else for that matter.

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We’re barely in our thirties, but my husband and I are currently in a “sexless marriage” (defined as a couple who have sex “10 times a year or less”).

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Printer-friendly version Ten Myths about Sexless Marriage . Sexless couples rarely or never have sex.Some sexless couples still occasionally have sex.

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Aug 06, 2015 · Many of those searching for answers are women struggling to understand why their spouses aren’t reciprocating their desire for sex.We reached out to marriage therapists and sex experts to share the advice they give women stuck in sexually unsatisfying marriages.

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How are you supposed to live in a sexless marriage? 8 steps to try to prompt your spouse to seek some real help–and grow closer again.