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Casting Resin Ideal for special effects casting plastic sculptures, models, prototypes. masters, figurines, picture frames, toys, industrial parts, decorative

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Unique polymer clay molds for jewelry making and art doll faces. Sell your custom DIY pendants on etsy, ebay, craft fairs, home business, blogs, personal website etc. to make money from home.

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Using Silicone Rubber for resin casting. Posted November 21, 2011 by Katherine Swift. Silicone rubber has become the material of choice for making resin molds. Though the history of mold-making goes all the way back in time to ancient Egypt and China, using sand, wax, glue, fat, gypsum, alginate, metal, plastic, re-usable …

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Casting using plastic or resin will reduce the life of the mold! If you cast using plastic or resin, this will greatly shorten the life of the mold.