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Model Chrissy Teigen’s man, Ron Teigen Sr., gave her husband, John Legend, a NSFW gift for Christmas. For the holidays, the “All of Me” singer received a penis …

Jun 23, 2013 · It was the cut felt around the world. Twenty years ago Sunday, a frustrated Virginia housewife grabbed a kitchen knife and turned the name Bobbitt into a verb by slicing off her drunken husband’s penis. While John Wayne Bobbitt lay bleeding on his bed, wife Lorena roared off with the dismembered

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In the early morning hours of June 23, 1993, Manassas, Virginia manicurist Lorena Bobbitt crept into the bedroom she shared with her husband, John Wayne Bobbitt.

John Wayne Bobbitt suffered what was, to most men, the worst possible attack – having his penis sliced clean off. His prospects of surviving, let alone experiencing the joys of a fully-functioning manhood, looked incredibly bleak as he lost consciousness and began to lose vast quantities of blood

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John Curtis Holmes (August 8, 1944 – March 13, 1988), better known as John C. Holmes or Johnny Wadd (after the lead character he portrayed in a series of related films), was one of the most prolific male pornographic film actors of all time, with documented credit for at least 537 films.

After decades of rumored gay bath house orgies and Scientology “cures,” John Travolta’s sex life is back in the news with sexual battery charges from a …

John Holmes Date of birth: August 8, 1944 Bio: Without a doubt the most well-known hardcore stud ever, John Holmes earned his nickname ‘The …

The Internet says it was a “shock” and a “bombshell divorce announcement” that Giada De Laurentiis (the chick with the titties who cooks Italian food) and her husband, Todd Thompson (no relation), filed for divorce after 11 years of marriage.

John Wayne Bobbitt (born March 23, 1967 in Buffalo, New York) and Lorena Bobbitt (née Gallo, born October 31, 1970 in Bucay, Ecuador) were an American couple, married on June 18, 1989, whose relationship made world-wide headlines in 1993 when Lorena cut off her husband’s penis with a knife while he was asleep in bed.

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